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Quaintrelle is a 100 page holistic health and lifestyle inspired guide. It is designed to focus on all apsects of our overall well-being, as a way for each individual to achieve their happiest, healthiest, most authentic life. It dives into grocery staples and meal ideas, combined with workout routines, intuitive eating, journal prompts, self care staples, and so much more in between. The book strives to shed inspiration in building your dream life, finding your purpose, getting obsessed with it, and living life as your most authentic, healthy self.



  • Grocery Tips
  • Grocery Staples
  • Budget Tips
  • Tips for Plating
  • Meal Ideas
  • Smoothie Recipes
  • Granola Recipes
  • Sample Weekly
  • Dinner Menu
  • Gut Health Talk
  • Intuitive Eating Talk
  • Food Freedom Tips
  • Physical Activity
  • Tips Home Workouts
  • Home Environment Talk
  • Tips for Building Your Space Self Love + Worth Tips
  • Self Discovery
  • Self Care Staples
  • Skincare Tips
  • Morning + Night Routine
  • 50+ Journal Prompts
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Tips for Sustainability
  • My Favorite Brands
  • Shop My Favorites + so much more in between


DISCLAIMER This book is not me giving professional advice. I am not a professional, but I am a certified holistic health coach who has studied these topics. This content is simply filled with suggestions, my personal tips, and information from my education and experience. Please take all information with a grain of salt and remember that you are a bio individual, with your own unique set of needs. I am by no means telling you how to live your life; that is solely up to you. Through this content, I outline this idea of bio-individuality, and that's why I give a wide array of tips, suggestions, meal ideas, etc. The meal ideas outlined are by no means a diet plan; the sample weekly dinner outline is simply an example of how you can incorporate home cooking into your daily life, easily. It is also an example of how you can incorporate foods from all different backgrounds and cuisines. The workouts I provide are basic, at home routines; this is in no way a fitness plan or advice from a personal trainer; the workouts are activities to get your body moving, but may not be fit for some. It is made clear that some of the information in this book may not 100% suit all individuals. This is a nonrefundable ebook, and should not be shared with anyone who has not purchased the book through my site. However, you may print out this ebook for yourself, if you wish to do so. All content and pictures are my own. The book was written, edited, and published by me. By purchasing this book, you, therefore, understand and agree to the above statement.

Quaintrelle Ebook

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  • You will be able to download all links immediately from your order confirmation email and save as a file! Links expire 30 days after purchase, but should not be shared with anyone who hasn't purchased through my site. Once you purchase this ebook, you will also gain access to a private Quaintrelle facebook group. Please email me if you have any issues with downloading your file.

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