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What is a holistic health coach?
A holistic health code is someone who provides individualized support to clients in overcoming their health concerns and achieving their goals by exploring their imbalances and uncovering the root cause of their concerns, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Health Coaches bridge the gap between clients and other healthcare professionals. 

What do you do as a health coach?
As a health coach, I guide individuals through healing themselves, overcoming their health concerns, and working toward their health and lifestyle goals. My programs are tailored to each individual and revolve around the idea of bio-individuality. My philosophy is grounded by focusing on all aspects of our health, which extends  far beyond the food on our plate. I strive to guide clients, while allowing them to make their own action steps and create a timeline that best fits them. My role is to empower, guide, lend support, shed motivation, and inspire lifestyle shifts to better each individuals' health, happiness, and longevity. 

Can I book a free consultation before committing to a program?
Absolutely! I actually never start a program without a free consultation. The consultation is essential for getting to know one another and seeing if we are a great fit.

How are you certified? 

I am certified as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as of 2021. 

Are all granolas gluten free?
All granolas are made with certified gluten free ingredients and are handled with kitchen tools that are solely used for gluten free products. However, our granola is produced in a kitchen that also handles wheat from time to time. Although the same baking mats, bowls, spoons, and other tools are not shared, we cannot guarantee the cross contamination of wheat from surfaces or particles in the air. 

Are granolas made fresh per order?
Yes! All granolas are made based on their order coming in. All packages state the date in which the granola was made. We strive to keep our granolas as fresh as possible. The only exception to this is granola sold at local farmer's markets. However, all granola's sold at the market are made no more than 2 days before the event.

How and when do I receive my order?
There are a few options when it comes to receiving your order. You have the option to select local pickup, shipping, or local delivery at checkout. All orders take 2-5 days to be completed and are shipped out immediately. We cannot guarantee how long shipping wait will be, but we will send you a confirmation email when your order is shipped out. We strive to get orders out as fast as possible.

Can your granolas be found anywhere else?
As of right our granola can only be purchased online. However, we will soon be at the local farmer's market and hope to get on some local shelves soon. Stay tuned for more information!

What is different about your granola?
Our granola uses 100% gluten free, refined sugar free, and dairy free ingredients. We strive to use the highest quality, clean ingredients, while not sacrificing flavor. We believe that granola can be just as flavorful, if not even more, without the use of added sugar, artificial ingredients, dairy, and other natural flavors. Are ingredients are minimal and transparent on our labels. 

Do you offer your granola at wholesale?
Yes! If you are interested in pursuing a wholesale relationship with Rooted Granola, please email us at We would love to get put on your shelf and/or used in your food selections.

Do your granolas contain nuts?
Yes. All granolas contain some type of nut, some more than others. Almost all granolas use coconut oil as a liquid, along with other tree nuts. However, if you are interested in a nut free granola, please message us! We process in a home kitchen that also processes nuts, but we can do without nuts if based on preference. 

Where is your granola made?
Our granola is made in a Certified Home Kitchen. This is what works best for Rooted Granola as of right now, but we will be expanding in the near future. All granola production tools and machinery are separate from other kitchen operations. 

Where can your granola be shipped?
Our granola can be shipped within the U.S and Canada currently. Shipping in calculated based on weight of purchase. 

What are the calories in Rooted Granola?
All granola flavors are:
130 calories / serving
Serving size: 1/3 cup (45g)

Can I print out the ebook file?
Absolutely! My ebook is printer friendly. However, out of respect for me as the creator and author, please do not print extra copies and share with others. It is illegal to share a copy of anything purchased that is copyrighted. 

How do I download the ebook?
After your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to download the ebook file and save it to your files on your device. 

When does the download expire?
The unique, downloadable link provided in your original email confirmation will expire 30 days after purchase. You will have access to the ebook perpetually as long as you download the ebook and save it to your files within the 30 days. For support, please email us.

Can I return the ebook?
All ebook purchases are nonrefundable. If you are not pleased or have a problem with your order, please contact us and we will do the best to assist you.

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