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  • Large Granola Weekly

    Every week
    Four 13oz bags of granola discounted & charged weekly
    • - Four full bags of granola (flavor of your liking).
    • - Hassle free, automatic payment.
    • -Payment renews weekly unless otherwise cancelled.
    • - Hassle free flavor selection and flavor change.
    • - Cancel anytime.
    • - Email will be sent following purchase to confirm flavor.
    • - $15 a week
  • 50 Minute Session

    One time or supplementary, 60 minute assessment and coaching
    • Discussing individual health and lifestyle needs
    • 60 minute in-depth session
    • Email recap of session, including additional resources
    • 3-5 resources provides
    • In depth discussion on health concerns
    • Tailored to Individual needs
  • 6 Month Reset

    Every month
    6 Month Health Coaching to reset your lifestyle and wellness
    Valid for 6 months
    • Free 30 minute 1:1 Healthy History Consultation
    • 1:1, 45 Minute Sessions, Two sessions each month
    • Sessions are same day, same time each month
    • Meet whenever works best for your schedule
    • Virtual sessions
    • 1-3 resources given to guide progress after each session
    • Tailored to you and your lifestyle needs
    • Holistic Healing without diets, prescription, and trends
    • I will provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability.
    • We will work to create the goals you set into existence.
    • Unlimited custom resources and templates
    • Unlimited email support
    • Tailored to your unique needs
  • 3 Month Clarity

    Every month
    3 month 1:1 health coaching to discover sustainable habits
    Valid for 3 months
    • Free 30 Minute Initial Health History Consultation
    • Six 1:1 Follow Up Sessions (45 minutes each)
    • Two sessions each month (same day and time monthly)
    • Sessions tailored around your schedule
    • Virtual Sessions
    • Tailored to you and your lifestyle needs
    • Holistic healing without diets, prescriptions, and trends
    • I will provide guidance, encouragement and accoutability
    • We will work together to push goals you set into existence
    • Unlimited email support
    • Customized Resources and Templates
  • Grocery Store Tour

    A guided grocery store visit (Dutchess County Locals Only)
    • A stress-free grocery store trip together
    • I will guide you through each aisle
    • I will teach you my tips and tricks of navigating the store
    • I will show you my staple grocery items
    • There to answer any and all questions
    • Designed to make you feel confident with grocery shopping
    • Maximum 60 minute tour
  • Large Granola Sub

    Every month
    Two 13oz large bags of granola per month at discounted rate
    • Two 13oz bags of granola
    • Flavor of choice
    • Easy, automatic payment
    • Pause/Cancel anytime
    • Hassle free flavor change
    • Discounted rate
    • Rewards
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