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Growing up passionate about wellness, I knew I wanted to expand my reach. That's when I decided I would combine my love for wellness with part of me that enjoyed being an everyday foodie. When it came to granola, I found that there wasn't a granola out there that fully embodied crafting granola from the ground up. That's when I decided it was time to bring granola back to it's simple roots and Rooted Granola was born!

As owner of Rotted Granola, I strive to carry my personal values for wellness over into my granola production; transparency is extremely important to me. That's why you can see through my packaging and through my process. My hope is that all consumers of Rooted Granola feel empowered by what they are putting in their body when consuming my granola.

All granola is gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, and Non GMO or Organic whenever possible. I believe in crafting indulgence with natural sweeteners, such as pure maple syrup, and nut butters with one simple ingredient - nuts. It's all about bringing granola back to it's roots, hence our name. As a brand, we believe happiness and ultimate well-being is achieved through harmony; that's why we specialize in an indulgent snack, made with the highest quality ingredients. It's the best of both worlds! 

Another value that's important to Rooted Granola is sustainability. I strive to use sustainable practices, utensils, and brands whenever possible. This ranges from reusable baking mats, to reusable, recyclable packaging. All granola is packaged in a reusable zip lock sealing pouch, made with safe, pollution free, environmentally friendly solid wood material. So, when you're done with your granola (and are ready to restock), don't forget to hold onto your granola pouches to reuse in your kitchen. If you'd prefer to refill via glass jars, please let us know! 

Through Rooted Granola, I aspire to empower you to fuel your body in whichever way you see fit. That's what makes our granola so special; it is carefully crafted in small batches to fit anyone and everyone's lifestyle, regardless of diet. What are you waiting for? See what the hype's all about and join the community! 

If you've made it this far, you're amazing. I want to personally thank you all for supporting my small business!

               With love,


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