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Sesame Chicken with Veggie Cauli Fried Rice {gf,df}

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I’ve always loved a good hibachi dinner; I mean, who doesn’t? This recipe is made with ~just the good stuff~ needed to make sesame chicken come to life. I achieve that amazing hibachi flavor with a mix of coconut aminos, sesame oil, garlic, and raw honey. For a lighter version, I swapped the rice from cauliflower & added a ton of my fave veggies, but you can serve it however you like. This recipe is entirely gluten & dairy free, but can be made vegan with a chicken swap!


Cook time: 12 minutes

Serving size: 4


3 organic chicken breasts⁣⁣

2 free range eggs

3c cauli rice ⁣(sub brown/white rice)

3c vegetables of choice (zucchini, green beans, carrots, broccoli, peas)

1/4c coconut aminos + 2tbs sesame oil ⁣⁣

1-2tbs raw honey (sub date nectar)

1/2tbs rice vinegar

4 cloves garlic ⁣⁣

2tbs sesame seeds ⁣⁣

1tbs arrowroot starch (sub cornstarch)



1. Chop all veggies and chicken on separate cutting boards.

3. Bring two large skillets to medium high heat on the stove top with a little avocado oil. (Option to steam veggies in water instead).

4. Add the chicken to one and the veggies + cauliflower rice to the other. Mince the garlic and add equally to both pans, as well.

5. Cook for 5-7 minutes then add in the coconut aminos, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and raw honey to your chicken skillet. I also like to add a drizzle of coconut aminos into the veggies while cooking.

6. To thicken the sauce for the chicken, mix 1tbs arrowroot starch with 3tbs of water in a small, separate dish. Stir and let that sit for 2 minutes, then poor it into your chicken skillet.

7. Crack eggs into middle of veggie skillet and scramble. Once cooked, toss in surrounding veggie fried rice.

8. Once chicken in done, remove from heat and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

9. Mix veggie fried rice well and sprinkle sesame seeds in.

10. Remove from heat & time to plate! Finish with a drizzle of coconut aminos and additional sesame seeds.


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