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Nutty Vanilla Greens Smoothie {gf,v}

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Although it’s been snowing like crazy in NY, smoothies have been my #1 breakfast. I mean, with this smoothie— you’ll understand. This nutty vanilla greens smoothie is packed with tons of greens, along with healthy fats, plant protein, superfoods, and delicious flavor. The ingredients that make up this smoothie include: frozen banana, spinach, cooked then frozen riced cauliflower, maca powder, cashew butter, dates, gluten free quick oats, avocado, coconut water, and plant based protein. The protein that is key to this smoothie is Intention vegan protein; not only does it add the best flavor, but it adds additional benefits to the smoothie. Their protein is crafted with ingredients that act as an ant inflammatory agent, increase libido, boost mood, reduce stress, and promote energy. I love this addition! I promise, this smoothie won’t disappoint. Plus, it’s packed with all the right ingredients that make for a filling, nutritious meal. Top it with a little homemade granola from my blog, and you’re good to go!



Prep time: 3 minutes

Serving size: 1


1/2 frozen banana⁣⁣

1/2c steamed, then frozen cauliflower ⁣

1/3 avocado ⁣⁣

1tbs gluten free quick oats⁣⁣

1/2tsp maca powder ⁣⁣

1c spinach ⁣⁣

1 scoop of Intention vegan protein ⁣⁣

1tbs cashew butter ⁣⁣

1 date ⁣⁣

1/2c coconut water ⁣⁣


1. Add all ingredients to a blender to blend. Add additional coconut water if you want a thinner smoothie.

2. Once smoothie is smooth, pour into cup or bowl.

3. Top with a little sprinkle of granola if desired or drink with a straw if thinner!


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